An agrarian culture

broadcast for 40 years

The founders of Juanjor come from a family with an agricultural tradition and decades of experience, beginning its activity in the lands of Valencia. Lands whose water was coming from irrigation ditches and some other cultivation methods were used. This was always done with the same philosophy: offering the maximum quality for every producto.

A family member understood that his knowledge, together with the technological advances available, enabled him to progress in more extensive lands than the existing ones, in the Valencian orchard, and he did so. At the beginning of the 90s he moved to the Region of Murcia with his family, a place with land of extraordinary quality, exceptional climate and the conditions that allowed him to grow on a larger scale without sacrificing quality; philosophy always maintained by his family.

In the Campo de Cartagena he knew how to work his way with the support of his children, with whom he worked side by side, teaching them everything he knew, instilling in them his good work and above all the love and respect for this profession. His great effort, dedication and vision, when applying new technologies to his farming techniques, allowed him to create the society that is today: Juanjor Naturfresh, a company dedicated, body and soul, to agriculture,
respectful With the environment and always offering the highest quality and the best service to its customers.

Modern facilities that guarantee

a product at its optimum taste point

For the cultivation of our products we have four farms in the Region of Murcia, an area classified as the “Cradle of European Agriculture”. Our farms are located in the Campo de Cartagena, an area characterized by the richness of its lands, and its privileged climate.

In the area of Torre-Pacheco we have a 55 Ha farm, which has a complete drip irrigation facility that saves water and energy, as well as providing the plant with the nutrients and treatments it requires at all times. In addition, it is equipped with a cold store that allows us to keep the product fresh and in its right moment of maturation.

In the vicinity of Cartagena we have more than 350 Ha. Distributed in three nearby farms among them. Thanks to the privileged climate that provides its proximity to the sea, they have mild temperatures throughout the year that allow the product to be collected many days earlier than in any other area of the region. They also have a modern automatic fertirrigation facility.

Note the importance of our cold stores. Those located in the field allow to stop the ripening of the product, and those located in the warehouse to cool and keep the product at the appropriate temperature. In this way we keep the cold chain throughout the life of the product, without losing quality or properties from the moment of collection until it reaches the customer.

Our warehouse and office are located in Alhama de Murcia, we have an area of 9,000 m2 and large capacity cold storage rooms, which allows us a greater organization, a permanent location of raw material and ready-made pallets. Its privileged location between Almería, Cartagena and Murcia provides many advantages, as we have direct access to the highway and is located near our farms, which allows us to collect, transport, make, pre-cool and ship our products the same day as your collection, guaranteeing maximum freshness of the products.

Regarding the preparation of our products, we have a modern machinery that allows warehouse personnel a perfect selection and cleaning of the product. The machine used to make our production of melons allows cleaning, calibration and classification of them automatically, achieving great precision and speed in its preparation.

5 reasons

for our existence


Generation after generation we have grown the Charentais melon, this acquired experience and our passion for a job well done, allow us to guarantee a unique quality in our products.


The attention and care we provide to our lands, our plants and our fruits, together with the exhaustive selection of melons, always collected at their optimum ripeness, allow us to obtain the unique flavor that characterizes us.


We carry out the collection, packaging and shipment in a very short time, which allows us to guarantee the freshness of our melons.


100% of our melons come from the same producer, ourselves, which allows us to guarantee control and quality from planting until they arrive at your table.


The origin of our product is on earth, so we feel that our duty is to take care of it. We are committed to the environment and the preservation of nature, we believe that its conservation is essential to ensure the welfare of future generations. In Juanjor we take this responsibility very seriously, continuously adapting our crops in accordance with environmental regulations.


In Juanjor the most valuable asset we have is our human team, formed by highly qualified professionals and organized in different departments:

Rosario Fructuoso Fernández

Accounting and Financial Responsible{{br}}

Angustias Muñoz Fernández

Responsible for Human Resources{{br}}

Catalina Noguera López

Responsible for Purchases and Investments{{br}}

Rubén Nicolás Carrillo

Responsible for Export and Sale{{br}}

David Bueno Guerra

Marketing Responsible{{br}}

Rafael Heredia Heredia

General Responsible for Field

Ángel Benito Maestre

Property Manager

Juan Conesa Bas

Responsible for Machinery and Equipment

Juan Manuel Maillazhungo Pomaquiza

Responsible for Personnel in Field

Jorge Fernando Cango Barberán

Responsible for Staff in Warehouse

José Jiménez García

General Manager of Warehouse