and environment

Generation after generation working the land, to offer the best food, give us the necessary understanding to understand the need to use sustainable and friendly working methods with the environment.

Therefore, we have developed a form of cultivation in which we combine our plantation with native vegetation. Our lands offer a perfect synergy that respects the natural harmony of the environment and is enhanced by pollination, of insects, which benefit the quality of our crop.

In our company we consider good water management as a vital issue, universal awareness of the proper use of this natural good is essential. That is why we use drip irrigation on our farms, a practical solution for agriculture and sustainable water management. In addition to this specific irrigation technique, we carry out other coverage practices for the retention of water in the soil, so that it remains wet for longer and thus achieve significant water savings. The use of swamp water, for irrigation, allows us to better manage this indispensable resource while being limited.

Consistent with our principle of conservation and preservation of the quality of the land; We alternate the cultivation of herbaceous plants every year, which allows us to restore soil fertility and its available nutrient content, reducing the incidence of weeds, insects and diseases in crops. This type of techniques optimizes soil aeration and the size and stability of soil aggregates.

In Juanjor we allocate part of the surface of each farm to conservation techniques, obtaining nutrient retention and erosion reduction. Our efforts are aimed at enhancing land yield and protecting natural resources.

The philosophy of our company is to concentrate our efforts on promoting the renewal of the goods that the land offers us. Through our work, during the production process, we intend to guarantee the continuity and care of our environment by offering optimum quality.